Vyruchai Dengi Case Study
POS Lending

Vyruchai Dengi

A full-featured platform for one of the largest microfinance organizations in Russia, focused on POS lending and cash loans
Following an IT architecture analysis, Vyruchai Dengi introduced a set of new requirements and identified a number of areas for improvement. To increase its market share, reduce implementation costs for new products and drive greater profitability, the company set out to develop a feature-rich, modular POS lending platform that automates workflows inside out.
Vyruchai Dengi joined forces with HES Fintech to modernize its infrastructure, using HES Core engine. The HES team developed and implemented a single, easy-to-use platform automating all stages of the loan lifecycle. This transformation helped the company meet new customer demands and reduce operating costs.
Vyruchai Dengi has upgraded its system in 4,5 months and delivered modern, fast and convenient POS lending services. The company has issued over 111K loans valued in excess of $ 93 million.

Vyruchai Dengi Dashboard

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“A longstanding partnership with HES FIntech yields new opportunities for growth and development”.

“The lending industry is a highly competitive space. Success here highly depends on the right technical solution. The platform by HES fully meets our requirements and demonstrates high performance”
Karel Lachman, COO at Vyruchai Dengi